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Enuresis Alarm

Zest Bedwetting Alarm / Enuresis Alarm

Enuresis Alarm

An enuresis alarm also referred to as pee alarm and urine alarm is a special type of enuresis product. It is a completely effective method to end bedwetting in youngsters, teens and adults. The enuresis alarm works onthe principle of behavior modification, additionally called conduct conditioning. Enuresis alarms (pee alarms or urine alarms) include a urine detection sensor or mat and an alarm unit. The sensor/mat detects urine and sends an alert to the alarm unit which then wakes up the bedwetter by using of a mixture of sound, light and vibration signals. Enuresis alarms have been verified to be a especially a hit in most instances and the enuresis treatment outcomes also are normally everlasting. The recognition of enuresis alarms has expanded as dad and mom of kids and teens and person bed wetters end up more aware of the blessings and advantages of these enuresis treatments.


Different Kinds of Enuresis Alarms


Wearable Alarm

A wearable enuresis alarm consists of a small and compact pee alarm unit and a urine detection sensor. The sensor is clipped on the out of of the users underwear and the pee alarm unit is positioned close to the t-shirt in which the kid will listen to it. As soon as the sensor detects urine, the pee alarm goes off with its preset alert mechanism to awaken bedwetters. Wearable enuresis alarms are very famous among kids and deep sleepers. they’re discreet and can be used on camps, sleep overs and when children don’t need others to recognise that they’re wetting the bed and nonetheless go out on vacations.


Bedside Alarm

These  alarms are more famous to prevent bedwetting in teens and adults. The bedside enuresis alarm makes use of a big urine detection mat and an urine alarm unit. The mat is big and located directly at the bed. The user sleeps at the mat. Bedside alarms also are referred to as bell and pad systems and that they offer advanced comfort as compared to other enuresis alarms. because the urine alarm unit is located at the desk side, there are not any wires on the users clothing. These enuresis remedy are high-quality for infrequent bedwetters and each person who wants to be more comfortable night.


NewU alarms stops nocturnal enuresis in children. The sensor is clipped outside the underwear and the alarm is positioned near the kid’s ear so it can be loud and wake them up. Upon detecting the first drop of urine, the alarm wakes up the child with a combination of sounds, lights and vibrations. NewU is recommended for children 5 and older.

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Waterproof Mattress Pad

In the Zest store, you could keep a buy of waterproof bed pads and enuresis products. Washable mattress pads come in numerous sizes for most bed sizes. They may be designed to preserve many cups of urine and provide a secure surroundings to the consumer. Not like conventional equipped sheets, waterproof mattress pads will now not allow urine seep through. This has two crucial advantages; first it protects mattresses from urine stains and smell and 2nd considering urine is absorbed, the user will no longer be slumbering in a pool of urine. Nearly all waterproof mattress pads are washer-friendly and dryer friendly. They are lightweight and may be rolled away and stowed. Many weigh less than 1lb making them handy to carry around at some point of holidays and journey trips. In the Zest store, we supply many extraordinary types of waterproof mattress pads which you can use with your enuresis alarm.

  • Quilted water proof mattress pads
  • Luxurious bamboo rayon bed pads
  • Reversible waterproof mattress pads
  • Specialised water resistant mattress pads like urine odor remover and urine stain control mattress pads.




Stain Removers

An enuresis alarm works well to stop bedwetting. We additionally suggest using urine stain removers. When used along with an an enuresis alarm, it will guard your costly bed from untimely urine spills. At the Zest store, you may buy a variety of urine stain removers from a number of the leading manufacturers.


Night Light

When an enuresis alarm goes off at night time, many children discover it tough to locate the toilet to relieve themselves. That is why we almost always recommend night lighting along with an enuresis alarm. Our night light comes with a USB adapter, so it could plug right into a wall outlet . The light is milk white and subtle which means that it will not hurt the eyes however could be vibrant at night while the alarm is going off. Also, the LED uses very little electricity as compared to traditional bulbs and is cool to touch.

You can get the night mild for free, when you buy a Zest Bedwetting Alarm Kit.