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Zest Bedwetting Alarm


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Zest Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Zest Bedwetting Alarm / Zest Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Zest is a full featured bedwetting at an incredibly low price! It has all the features and more of some of the more expensive alarms in market. No wonder parents and children love Zest! Read our collection of Zest bedwetting alarm reviews and see for yourself why this alarm is the best value among other alarms. Zest is powered with the unique Strong Hold sensor and uses a small but powerful microprocessor to deliver an effective bedwetting treatment to children. Before you can buy Zest, read the collection of best bedwetting alarm reviews.

    Zest Bed Wetting Alarm Reviews

    • Smart™ Bedwetting Alarm is the perfect bedwetting solution to stop bedwetting in deep sleepers and children age 5 and up
    • Smart Bedwetting (Enuresis) Alarm automatically cycles through 8 loud alert sounds to avoid ‘Auditory Accommodation’ i.e. getting use to one tone
    • Children can select from 3 mode of operation sound only, sound and vibration and vibration only which is a discreet mode for camps, sleepovers, etc.
    • Strong hold Unisex senor has a large urine detection area that detects the 1st drop of urine and awakens your child in seconds
    • Slim, sleek and portable, this bedwetting alarm comes with interchangeable face stickers to change the look of your alarm to keep your child motivated throughout the treatment process
    • Small and easy to operate Bedwetting Alarm unit is Microprocessor Controlled and comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty


    4.82 out of 5